Altavoz Júpiter


The Pinnacle of Audio Perfection

Like the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter loudspeakers are the grandest in our collection, towering at six feet tall and boasting an imposing presence. Specifically designed for medium to large rooms, Jupiter loudspeakers offer an unmatched audio experience that is sure to captivate and inspire.
The Jupiter’s exceptional performance is due to its advanced technology.


ODS (Orbital Driver System)

Provides unparalleled naturalness at high frequencies,
while the innovative horn geometry based on fluid mechanics
adds to its flawless precision.


The Saturn incorporates all the advances developed by Audionostrum in recent years, cutting-edge technology, with the patented ODS system, low speed bass reflex system and state of the art phase optimized crossover. We also use lightweight paper and ring magnet midrange speaker, cross-fiber carbon fiber woofers, these are only some of its most remarkable characteristics.

Altavoz Venus New


A loudspeaker that embodies beauty, elegance, and unparalleled sound quality. Inspired by the goddess of beauty and love, our Venus model is designed for small and medium-sized rooms and seamlessly adapts to any environment.
The Venus model shares the most important advances of its big sisters, like the ODS system and a pure Beryllium tweeter.


Incredible Sound in Small Size

A loudspeaker system that may be small in size but is grand in performance. Named after the smallest planet in our solar system, the Mercury is slim, elegant, and haughty, making it the perfect addition to any small or medium-sized room.

The Mercury is a true high-end speaker, equipped with first-class components and solutions.
Featuring a pure Beryllium membrane tweeter and carbon fiber cross-section woofer, the Mercury delivers exceptional sound quality.

Woofer 6 ½ inches
Carbon Drier


Twetter 1 inch
Beryllium Dome


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