Exceptional Quality for the Discerning Listener

A loudspeaker that embodies beauty, elegance, and unparalleled sound quality. Inspired by the goddess of beauty and love, our Venus model is designed for small and medium-sized rooms and seamlessly adapts to any environment.

The Venus model shares the most important advances of its big sisters, like the ODS system and a pure Beryllium tweeter. The pure Beryllium tweeter provides exquisite high-frequency clarity and is paired with a high-frequency dispersion horn to ensure precision sound delivery. The ODS system (Orbital driver system) is integrated into the design to provide natural sound at high frequencies, while the carbon fiber cross-section woofer delivers deep, rich bass.

The transmission line type internal labyrinth is optimized for phase and frequency response, and the crossover is phase-optimized for smooth frequency transition between drivers. The massive enclosure with optimized diffraction further enhances the Venus’s sonic beauty, creating a captivating listening experience.

With a performance of 89db at 1 watt at one meter and recommended amplification from 50 to 300 watts, the Venus is a powerful addition to any home audio system.

ODS (orbital driver system)

The patented ODS (orbital driver system) provides unparalleled naturalness at high frequencies, while the innovative horn geometry based on fluid mechanics adds to its flawless precision.


  • 2 and half Way-system with specially ODS crossover.
  • Woofer 7 ½ inches carbon driver.
  • Twetter 1 inch Beryllium dome.
  • Super Twetter ¼ inch driver.
  • ODS (orbital driver system) for high frequencies.
  • Transmission line type cabinet.
  • Metal parts crafted with surgical quality steel.
  • Different finishes are possible on request.

  • Sensitivity: 89 db.
  • Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm.
  • Frequency response: 29Hz to 35KHz.
  • Recommended amplifier: 50 to 300 Watts.
  • Dimensions: Height 49,60 inches (126 cm), Widht 12,60 inches (32 cm)
  • Depth 13 inches (33 cm). Platform size: Widht 16,33 inches (41,5 cm)
  • Depht 18,81 inches (47,8 cm)
  • Net Weight: 99,21 lbs (45 kg) each
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